About Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump World Heritage Site

History of the Site

  • Designated a National Historic Site - 1968
  • Designated a Provincial Heritage Site - 1979
  • Designated a World Heritage Site - 1981
  • Official opening of the Interpretive Centre with the Duke and Duchess of York - July 23, 1987
  • The architect, Robert Lablonde, received the 1990 Governor General's award for Architecture. Since opening in 1987, the Interpretive Centre has welcomed over 2.75 million visitors from around the world.

How Buffalo Jump got its name (PDF)


Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump has both indoor and outdoor exhibits.

Inside, you will discover 5 levels of exhibits that explore:

  1. Napi's world, story of creation
  2. Buffalo hunting culture
  3. The art of driving the great herds from the cliff
  4. The eventual demise of the buffalo hunting culture
  5. The work of archaeologists at Head-Smashed-In

Our 90 seat theatre plays a 15 minute re-enactment of the Buffalo hunt throughout the day.

From the top of our building you can venture outside along a paved trail that leads you to spectacular views of Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump Cliff, Calderwood Buffalo Jump & Vision Quest Hill to the north, the great prairies to the east, and the Rocky Mountains to the south.

We also offer a short interpretive hike beneath the cliff and through the camp and processing areas. For extra information, see our admissions desk to pick up your copy of our Lower Trail Guide. This wilderness hike is not suitable for strollers or persons with mobility issues.

Joe Crow Shoe Sr. Lodge

The room is dedicated to the memory of Joe Crow Shoe Sr. - Aapohsoy’yiis (Weasel Tail), who played a vital role in the development of Head-Smashed-In World Heritage Site. He dedicated his life to bringing cultures together. His wisdom and vision helped make Head-Smashed-In a place of understanding, tolerance, and celebration.

This room is also available to book for meetings pending availability. Please contact the site at 403 553 2731 or education.bookings@gov.ab.ca


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